Sad Stories

We all have our own sad stories….

A coffee, a brief phone call asking how I was doing and there was the answer.

We all have our own sad stories.

Why fool yourself?

Well, yes, and I’m not one of those who are always smiling in the trendy social networks, displaying a huge smile in front of an incredible plate of food, or while partying with a friend or two, those I know I’ll never be able to call at three in the morning to tell him I want to talk.

Why can’t we have sad stories?

We have settled into giving a pre-established image that, without which we believe, we will be of no interest to anyone.

Shall I tell you a detail?

I always post jokes, or rather almost always, except maybe when I find some of those phrases that, no doubt more than one believes they are dedicated to someone in particular … but it is not so, believe me, anyway, as I said, I always post jokes, motivational phrases and when I’m traveling, on those rare occasions, I post pictures of the incredible places where I have come to feel … I do not know, anything from surprise, admiration, joy or simply, my own enjoyment for what I have just discovered.

My mood is not for jokes, the vast majority of times, and more lately, in which this damn life is determined to turn me upside down, I should be retired to a desert island and not come out of there for decades, but there I am, thinking that someone reading these short lines, maybe get a brief smile, despite their own sad stories, and that takes me out, largely of this personal story of mine.

When you asked me how I was doing….

I’m with one of those sad stories.

But like any self-respecting story, the good guys always win in the end.

And in the end I always pay the bill, pick up the notebook where I sometimes write these lines, go outside, take a breath and….

I’m fine and as you can guess… to continue accumulating.

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2 comentarios en “Sad Stories

  1. elcieloyelinfierno

    No te lamentes amigo mio; da gracias por cada amanecer y bien sabes que la vida en general es pendular. Altos y bajos en la corriente de ese arroyo, al cual solo nosotros a pesar de las dificultades podemos hacerlo prístino. Un gran abrazo y rie mucho aunque no sepas por que.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

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