For You

It was the strangest thing…or maybe not, really, maybe that destiny that I deny on more occasions than I should, and that at the end of the day, is showing me that it has a plan for me…well, it was seeing her and feeling as if something was twinning us, I do not know, after all, I met her through a mask, things of being in full pandemic of virus and fear, but even so, there was something that called my attention powerfully.
Maybe it was that backpack that some of us tend to carry, those who once cataloged as those who dare to feel, I do not know, maybe it’s because I saw how amazing she was and all that she was unable or denied to be, something as if in some remote and fanciful way, I saw myself.

There were days of doubts and certain curiosity when we coincided, after all, both of us had already been given certain blows by life in the form of not knowing how to interpret well who we were.
But one day

One day we looked at each other, he smiled at me and we said hello, without hardly speaking to each other.

The rest was easy.

To coincide in this life is very complicated, even more when, in this space of time that we have had to live, we are more subordinated to follow a series of patterns, of ways of being, even to say to us according to what we are born, is interpreted in a totally opposite way to the purpose with which we express it.

We talk, we laugh, we are surprised by the similarity of acts that, in my case I have lived and that she, I hope she never lives, but when we talk about it, I see that she agrees that the position to take, is the same, it does not cease to surprise us.

Intense… on one occasion I was defined as such, intense, someone, according to a little person in question, defined me as such because I throw myself totally and unreservedly, and well, there are already three of us.

That’s what we call ourselves, the trio of the intensitos, each one belonging to a different generation, to a series of experiences never alike, but always provoked by that tireless search of feeling, of not letting the desire to…live? go to sleep.

I laugh with her, with them, I remain silent when they talk to each other and tell each other secrets and I am left alone in peace because they allow me to be there.

I laugh with her and get angry when she lets me tell her how amazing it is to see her walk and she doesn’t believe it, when I tell her to stop looking at me like that, that it only saves her that we are friends, but that a primitive part of me is willing to jump…and she still doesn’t believe it.

But time, ah time!!!, that small and tremendous factor of the universe, that plays in my favor, is beginning to tell her, to show her that these are not the fantasies of a man, this one who writes to her and that according to her, I am kind because I have to be…. hummm, luckily, time is helping me, time and a certain blindfold that we place on ourselves sometimes, I myself have been wearing it for quite some time, this blindfold is beginning to fall off, it is beginning to come off, and she is seeing herself in the eyes of others, just as I have come to see her.

Without artifice.

No masks.

Without all those reservations of not being able to be yourself.

Now we are lucky enough to begin to see someone, no different, because she was always there, but now, we begin to see her, to see you, with the brightness that a few, the lucky ones who knew she was there, we knew she was there and I will not tire of telling you, now the rest of humanity can admire her.

Always remember to shine.

*** Translated with (free version) ***

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