We are not like that

It’s funny… in my normal day to day life, I usually find myself with a lot of ideas that I think that, at a specific moment, I will be able to express in some lyrics that will come to me, half spontaneously, half planned work.

But lately it is not like that.

And I recognize that I know almost exactly the reason for this, this apparent absence of will to capture a whole series of feelings, ideas that arise, dreams that are initiated or that, at some time it has happened to me, those few dreams that are fulfilled.

I have no other reason than disappointment.

Am I talking about a partner?

Maybe yes…


I have to admit that it would be very easy to tell you it’s because of that.

False expectations?


And I could add more and more, but I won’t make you dizzy with such an accumulation of ways to mask what in reality is simple and, unfortunately usual, and that is the simple desperation to see how we really are.

Yes, that’s right… this delay of mine in writing anecdotes that I have just felt, maybe to tell you the impression that the image that I had in front of me while I was drinking coffee, dreams of trips that I want to make in the future, by the way, this year I am going to do it, the trip… but yes, I am discouraged by how we are in reality.

We fill ourselves with promises that we say we want to fulfill, we make act and presence of memory, to lose it soon, and not remember those commitments we made with a few, or perhaps with all those who were with us at a given time, ideas that we said that governed our day to day … but the worst, the worst of all, you know what is the worst?

That we do not realize that only by deceiving ourselves in this way… we are the main losers of this vital stretch that began when we came into the world, the life that we say we want to hurry, to live in every drop of air that the wind whispers, every kiss we give on a new skin and then discarded by the excessive craving to keep trying new and different ones, looking for… the what?

We go from having nothing, to being able to have a myriad of moments, to waste them with the excuse that life goes by very fast and we have to do our best not to miss anything.

Miss what?
Maybe I haven’t realized it and I’m in a contest, a contest that tries to find out how many transient and meaningless relationships we are able to obtain?

Maybe it is the thousands and thousands of smiles, when I wanted to cry, I have created or have created, so that any of my thousands of followers, take my life as an example….

Maybe it’s really… what do I really want?

We mask the truth, we are afraid to say that we are vulnerable, we have put on the shirt of invincibility, like supermen immune to the bullets that the day to day, meaning life itself, throws at us.

And we are not like that.

Our skin tingles with the caresses they lavish on us, my pulse quickens if she stares at me for two moments and smiles briefly, the words we whisper two millimeters from those lips, the firm step when we walk away having made the decision we think is right, the off-key screams following the song that plays on the radio, that sip of fresh beer while the sun goes down and the brightness of the night announces a new passage in our lives.

We are not like that.

That is why I rebel in these lines, I tell myself that you are doing it wrong, that life is not what surrounds us, life is what we wrap ourselves in, life is not how many skins I have caressed, but rather how many of those few skins have had the pleasure of my fingers or lips turned over as if there had been no after.
Because we are special, we are unique, we are….

Because I am special.

Because I am unique.

But above all that.

Because I keep dreaming.

*** Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) ***

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6 comentarios en “We are not like that

    1. Sorry for the delay in answering you, and, as I said before, I hope that the translator expresses as faithfully as possible my gratitude for reading a text of mine in a language that is not my own.
      And yes, love has the answer to almost everything, or at least, it is a continuous search, the one that marks the happiness that, sometimes, is elusive to us.
      Thank you for reading me and for taking the time to express your opinion.
      Best regards

      Le gusta a 1 persona

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