I accept that living….

At the end he knew
he remembered the sleepless nights
the eternal sighs
the endless laughter
the caresses hidden from the light of day
he accepted the price of walking the paths that no one else dared to walk
the dark nights that he walked accompanying those who did not dare
and those others in which his only company…
was his memory.
She understood that each and every one of those scars on her body
the ones he had acquired in his eagerness to never give up
all of them were only the result of his unbridled desire to love.
he has come to accept that he is still willing to keep on risking
to accept the price that few know and even fewer dare to accept
that has to be paid for each unique moment
moments that remain lost in memory
but never in each heartbeat that resounds when remembering her
because after all, they will never be able to say that he did not try…
that he did not try…
that he did not live.
That he didn’t know what it was to live
Because he knows that he’ll never stop trying
He will never stop…
just living.

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