Do I like it?

There have been many occasions, some acquaintances, who apparently do not know me, in which I have repeatedly asked… why do you like to be alone…?
Do I like it?
And the answer is much more extensive than just two words to ask this question…
I long to talk, to share with people that which bogs me down in a day of frenetic work and sometimes with that unsettling feeling of doing something sterile and unprofitable.
I dream of a skin, which in the darkness that comes from closed eyes, I run over with the tips of my fingers, or perhaps with the corners of my lips.
I wish with all my strength, to be able to see, there, in the distance, how the one who provokes tears in my eyes for not believing me worthy of a simple smile of his that he dedicates to me, is approaching.
I want to imagine…
To believe that it will be true…
To imagine not a tomorrow, but a whole future….
Do I like being alone?
Maybe the most correct thing would be to tell you that I’m tired of giving myself without reserve…
Of listening to reproaches under the cover of not daring to be sincere…..
Of well-meaning lies but lacking the slightest hint of empathy towards the other…
I am tired…
Tired of not wanting to fight, of being in a hurry to give up and perhaps look for another invitation of destiny…
I like my loneliness, after all… it will always accompany me.

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