It is cold.

It is cold.

Or at least it seems so, I see the faces of the people as I pass by, their hands warm in their pockets, their bodies slightly hunched, as if that would make it possible for the heat not to escape from inside them.
They look at me, partly surprised, partly curious, I must admit that with a certain justice, my walk is smooth, straight, my face does not harbor cold, nor are my hands hidden, what madness invades such an individual so that he does not assume the cold that it is?

They do not know that the reason has been to discover each and every one of the centimeters that treasured a body long dreamed of, they ignore the eternal hours I have invested in simply knowing the taste of a part of that skin, it would not be credible to tell them that I have accumulated so much desire to satisfy it, that even after tonight, I still have an eternity to spend this craving that consumes me.

And it all started in a simple kiss, yesterday, in a simple moment, after an accomplice silence you looked at me in such a way, I dared to get closer, to look at you beyond where you were, to want to know how soft those lips promised to be… but it was not like that, I just got closer and after noticing that you stopped me, you smiled at me, that’s all, and then everything was unleashed.

I got even closer to you, I began to notice how a sudden heat filled my face, how my pulse stopped, while my heart stopped, and finally I dared.

I kissed you, clumsily no doubt for fear of perhaps noticing a hint of rejection, but your hands held me tightly, as you told me later, you didn’t want me to escape!!!! and I almost did, but no, I didn’t and what started as a soft kiss turned into an ongoing battle to know which of us wanted to give more pleasure to the other and which of us was satisfied with it.

We had to stop, even without caring more than each other, there are still rules for what we both wanted, especially in public.

We continued in silence, and my fingers playing with yours told you everything I wanted, maybe that’s what pushed us into that room, the place where night became day and dreams came out to come true.

But it’s still cold.

I keep walking, unable to stop thinking and remembering each and every moment I have lived.
And I know it’s cold, I notice this time, a light wind that caresses my face, I close my eyes and the soft touch of your fingers comes to my skin, exploring, discovering, even with the pleasant pain of stopping you when I wish you wouldn’t stop.

It is now, as I open my eyes again, that I smile, remembering you as, in just revenge, my fingers mapped each and every corner of you, and as I am most spiteful, I accompanied it with a thousand and one kisses, until I heard you moan without pause, until I noticed how your hands twitched, once on my shoulders, once on my back, once entangled in my head. …yes, I won that first battle no doubt, but one cannot be trusted in the arts of war, especially if at your side is the goddess Mars incarnate Venus Aphrodite.

Because you did nothing but get up from me, you looked at me from the height that gave you that position and when you smiled I realized that I was lost. As I could see later, you had no mercy, every time I begged you to stop, you only laughed, you stopped for a few moments to confuse me in hope and you resumed your particular battle to get me to surrender again.

Curious war this one that we both engaged in, battles to discover which of us would get tired before discovering how many moans the other was capable of emitting, battles full of high fire, I think I surrender, now it’s my turn, you will find out, and ten more different phrases, but that all spoke of the unanimous decision of both of us not to faint before the other did not experience again and again that his heart would stop and the body would tense up.

This coffee is hot, sip by sip, I’m savoring its aroma, slowly, that heat fills my stomach, the bitter sweetness of the liquid reminds me of you, not so the slowness with which I drank in you, I was thirsty and I did not know how to contain myself until I was satiated.

A brief truce in the night, hands bringing closer, if that is possible, the body of one to the other, hands that slowly run along the back of one, that make circles on the chest of the other, hands that do not stop caressing, squeezing even to convince themselves that the body that is next to us is real, that it is not a dream, hands in short, that do not stop telling you not to move away more than a few millimeters, that my skin wants to continue feeling the humidity of yours, hands that remember you because only with the brief light of the moon, they are able to not miss any detail and remember where each and every one of its corners are.

Yes, maybe it’s still cold, but remembering you ……

……recordarte to you makes the cold of the morning is disappearing, the sun is emerging timidly at first but its heat begins to run through my skin, as well as a certain amount of sleep that last night I have been impossible to get, if I know, it is easy to say that the reason was your smile, that initial kiss, the surprise that caused me to know the touch of your skin, so many possible causes!

But in reality there was not a moment in the night when the dream appeared, the curiosity, the desire, the surprise…..but not the dream.

Curiosity to see you, to touch you, to taste you even.

Desire, well, here it is obvious not to say anything else, but you should know that it was more what I wanted you to feel than anything else.

Surprise… here it was a surprise to see what was hiding that smile, it is true that I had already seen you, beach and others leave little to the imagination, but nothing to do with a brief light, or a semi-darkness that instead of hiding, enhanced every portion of you.

I remember those moments, in which we both limited ourselves to breathe in rhythm, asking each other about everything that was going through our heads, while our hands did not rest and from time to time, while one of us listened, we entertained ourselves kissing part of what was within our reach.

I do not remember when we stopped talking, we returned to be curious about each other’s bodies, we returned to engage in our particular battle, but this time there was no rush, the eagerness that we showed before gave way to a slow and joyful way in doing and letting us do.

You limited yourself to let me do at my simple request and at your indication, I became a rubber man, such was the sensation that caused me what your fingers caused me.

The sun came up and found us lying across from each other, talking and laughing as our pulses relaxed and we made plans for ……..

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