Who are you?

Today I have been walking, let’s say it was already dark, those moments in which, in the streets you can only hear, in the distance, the cars circulating, some perhaps in a hurry, inside them men and women anxious for the night to begin, for relationships to begin or end that would have arisen from an instant, from a fleeting exchange of glances or phrases…

And of course, you are there, as almost always since some time ago, linked in a strange way to certain moments, in which without wanting to, you appear, you simply appear. Perhaps like now, that seeing the loneliness that accompanies me… I have you here by my side, almost as real as if it were true, and that, that is something that still continues to surprise me.

Who are you?

I know hardly anything about you, only what you make me feel, and in other circumstances, with less years and less experience, I would have given me the same, but at this point, I constantly question myself why all this, why at this particular moment, why here, why and more why, like now, on this night, when I just got the courage to walk, to walk through some cold and empty streets, and in which, at each stop, I wondered about you.

And I’m still walking, turning my eyes when I think I hear footsteps in this loneliness that accompanies me, thinking of countless different things, or maybe the same ones, but those that, at this hour, seem different, as if I had never thought of them differently, and that my head remembers many other nights, not so distant in time or memory, in which I also undertook part of this road to nowhere.

Who are you?

I only know what you cause me, what I did not remember I would feel, the nerves that come to me when I hear you, when you laugh, when I see how you smile at me, and I wonder how it is possible that you are able to cause me all this, just because I hear you laugh, hear your voice, understand a small part of what you think, the books you have read or even when you mention me as someone to share a special moment for you.

Who are you?

It is a question, that at this time of the night I ask myself, with a certain longing to know the answer, but even more afraid to know if I will be able to know the answer someday, to imagine that that day, I will no longer have that illusion for you, but that I immediately put aside, because I know for sure, at this time of the night, with all these roads already traveled and even with those that you are causing me to travel, new roads that are offering me so many new desires, so many new challenges and new destinations to reach.

Who are you?

It is the question that I have been wishing for a long time to arise in my day to day life.

It is the question that appeared when I needed it the most, it is the question that motivates me to continue with the search…what search would you say?

The one of knowing who you are.

*** Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) ***

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