Chronicles of a man who fell in love even with a smile. II

There is one thing that was a little bit like that, and it was the fact that you supposed that I am something like a little weird, you see, it is not only a smile, it is also the close vision of a beautiful breast, the slow walk that some know how to do to capture our attention…come on, I am superficial enough to tell you that I also fall in love with a physique, of course, and in a way, it is part of my last encounter with the dwarf of the diapers and the bow, cupid of the noses.

Now, with the maturity that comes with time and, of course, all the times I have stumbled, I can allow myself some judgment in interpreting the signs that arise when they appear, one of them is always a flattering comment, that perhaps in other circumstances you do not pay attention .., maybe because you are with a partner, maybe because you are alone, maybe because you are waiting for who is going to throw you the junk, another sign is always a little touch, a caress on a shoulder to make you move away, maybe you are listening to a report and he/she gets very close to tell you in your ear some impression that he/she does not want anyone else to hear or interrupt the conversation, I do not know, there is always one or more details that, if one wants, he/she finds.

Shall I look for it?

No, not looking for it, but rejecting it because the last one went wrong… that never, maybe because I think I am good enough to deserve another chance, because I don’t believe in the last chance, because I never stop trying, because one should never stop feeling that the surprise could shake a thought again, because each and every one of us should always have the obligation to be willing to feel and give.

There are times when it has been a phrase, a few short letters that come together and form a sentence, that moves you as you haven’t felt for so long, that stirs you inside again, like the butterflies in your stomach when you were young and believed in eternal love…

Eternal love…

The love that one sees in a hundred movies, that arises in the imagination of a thousand writers, and perhaps, the one we dream of on more occasions than we would like to recognize.

I fall in love with a sincere smile, a few brief words heard on a cell phone, a dedicated song, a subtle caress on a shoulder, a few beers on a terrace, conversations at sunset …

I refuse to accept that my life is monotonous and empty, I refuse to not feel the curiosity to meet …, I refuse to not believe possible a shared sunrise, a sofa with popcorn, shared laughter, walks holding hands while our hands play.

And even when life tells me that I should settle down in a more comfortable position, when it tells me that I have lived everything I should have lived, when my knees creak after the last fall, I ask myself…

Have I already died?

I’m the man who falls in love until…I think I’ll change it to…I’m the man who will never stop falling in love.

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