Chronicles of a man who fell in love even with a smile. I

Once upon a time there was a man who knew… what the hell, it’s me, this one who writes as a therapy, as a kind of particular relief, as a way to escape from many, but many gray days, some bland, in which I could only count the hours to finish work and then count the hours to sleep and give way to, maybe another day that would bring me… I do not know, something different, maybe a new dream, a new perspective, a new illusion.

And yes, I fall in love very easily, a simple or not so simple smile, makes my head stand up to multiple possible alternatives, a simple or not so simple smile, makes my blood circulate faster, I am able to believe that maybe it is not me, and when I see that it is me, I wonder if it is not very drunk or not see very well, I fall in love so easily that I allow myself to dream, to make my particular tale of the milkmaid, not to believe in all those signs that everyone sees – except me logically – and to go ahead with defeat on the horizon, and despite all that, I keep fooling myself, I keep believing that I can change what destiny says it is for me!

I can’t fool myself, I’m not exactly an adonis, a croissant type of guy, one of those who walk around with their arms wide open, with t-shirts wrapped around their arms, maybe full of tattoos that even they don’t understand why they got them, no, I’m not really like those specimens, that too many times, make me feel ashamed when I hear them talk.

What am I like, hummm, I do not know, maybe what I see me is not the most fair, but I am something like a cubic meter, that is, I am tall within normality, wide back, wide waist, wide abdomen, wide legs, come on, I’m like a closet, but basically as far as it concerns equal width above and below hahahahahaha, that if, almost everyone agrees on my eyes clear, blue or green depending on the light that is given in those circumstances.

And nothing, here I am, pouring in this day today, a series of articles that I want to write as a way to tell you who I have fallen in love again, I have already lost count, of what smile, because this time, it has not been necessary to turn my head when she has passed by my side, or perhaps see her at some distance, no, this time it has been enough a brief conversation, a smile from her and a huge paralysis of my whole body when she approaches or looks at me, come on, what is said agilipollado whole ¡¡¡¡

What am I going to do now?

It is a wise question, for which there is no valid answer, if I already know, there will be someone who will say…go ahead!!!, without fear, who can only tell you that you are just friends…or maybe tell you why you haven’t asked before¡¡¡¡…

Go figure, because there is always more, there is always something else, maybe age, maybe religion, maybe distance, maybe, maybe, maybe and many more maybe.

But I learned some time ago, that it is not bad to fall in love, that it gives us life, that to be like this is to be aware of how the sun has risen today, that you get to look more attentively to those couples who dared, that maybe you see how their hands are looking for each other walking, that you think about how lucky they are and how you would like to tell them not to exhaust those moments in which only the impulse counts, that they kiss each other for no reason, that they look at each other for no reason, that they caress each other lightly just for the pleasure of feeling him there, a few centimeters away.

I am a man who has fallen in love, who hopes that I will never lose that capacity for surprise, that a simple, or perhaps not so simple, smile, will be able to shake me so deeply inside,

I am a man who is in love with a job that fills more days than I was aware of, until I fell in love with her smile, until I remembered who I was.

I am a man who is in love with a whole bunch of people, with whom I lived two months of real surprise, doubts, fears in my job and that I was not aware of until I fell in love with his smile and now I boast of each and every one of them.

What else can I tell you that you don’t already know?

Well, maybe in the next article.

*** Translated with (free version) ***

6 comentarios en “Chronicles of a man who fell in love even with a smile. I

    1. Gracias a ti, de todas formas, y no sé porque aún, me ha dado por escribir en otros idiomas, acabaré este año con el inglés y el portugués, pero en breve, lo haré también en francés.
      Pero siempre,mi relato inicial es en castellano, mi lengua materna.
      Pero gracias de nuevo por el trabajo que has tenido que hacer, agradezco mucho esa curiosidad por leer algo mío.
      Un saludo desde Barcelona

      Le gusta a 1 persona

      1. También reconocer esa envidia que me produce el leerte ver gente así inteligente capaz de hacer cosas en otros idiomas
        El escribir perfectamente
        Aays no como yo
        Un desastre en todo
        En caligrafía en faltas de ortografía en todo …
        Gracias por responder y atenderme
        Yo soy de Zaragoza
        Me enamora Barcelona siempre que la visito
        Me parece preciosa
        Gracias 😘

        Le gusta a 1 persona

        1. Antes que nada, disculpa por mi tardanza en responderte y para que te situes bien….no escribo perfecamente, no soy precisamente un catedratico de la lengua, mas bien alguien que lee mucho, soy un adicto y que le gusta, a traves de la escritura, volcar en esta pagina, mis neuras, mis fantasias, mis…. mi todo.
          Eso por un lado y por el otro…utilizo el corrector del libre office, se pierden cincuenta mil acentos, rectifico comas a porrillo y ademas, tachan tachan, utilizo un traductos para escribir en otros idiomas.
          Espero no haberte decepcionado con ello, pero es que es asi, la verdad,
          Espero leerte pronto
          Y gracias por todo.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

          1. No no para nada
            Me gusta mucho tu respuesta
            Yo también suelo leer
            También soy de las que siempre tengo
            Que sacar lo que llevo dentro
            Mis neuronas talvez mis miedos frustraciones y los sueños
            Cosas que pudieron ser y no las hice
            Pero bueno
            Los suegros sueños son
            Muchas gracias por tu atención
            Muchas gracias de corazón

            Le gusta a 1 persona

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