This gives us life

And so it all began, an audio note thanking me for a simple text, in which he described a not so simple and yes, incredible night, and those words … maybe it was not just the words, maybe it was his voice, full of life and eager to enjoy it, but what there is no doubt is that it captivated me.

All this, after having spent a few days, with the expectation of meeting again for that beer, perhaps to re-experience that pleasant feeling of being at ease with the universe, to hear clear ideas, born of the conviction that it is the right thing to do, something that is hard to find in these times in which it costs us to be ourselves, in these times in which individuality is undervalued and only premium to be all the most similar equal. …it is something like the simple comment that he likes men’s shirts, yes I know, it is silly, but for me, taking into account that I have never or almost never worn or will wear a shirt, it captivated me, it is something like a statement of intent, it is like his particular signature I would say.

This gives us life…

And now you see me here, in this bar terrace, next to the beach, with the mask by my side, this new dress accessory that we have created for this new stage we are living, watching them pass, thinking about them, in the mystery that they mean to me, in those women who were unique for me, in those who, like her, disturb me in a way that makes me feel, in those who make me stutter, in those who give me life… in those who give me life.

This gives us life…

I think of my work, of those days when I arrive and when asked how it went, I can only say well, when in fact it went worse, of those days when my work is pleased to rub my face in what this society does to those who cannot attend to it in the right way, of that feeling that I would like to do more but I can’t. And also of those days when I feel that I would like to do more but I cannot, and also to those days, in which I have only listened, advised perhaps if I have been asked and always having clear, that nobody walks through this life in the same way, in which a thank you and a simple look of gratitude, get me to arrive full of strength for another day.

This gives us life…

Keep your eyes wide open and your heart ready, because you will never guess who will fill it, who, without pretending, without knowing, without wanting, without realizing, that a simple smile, a simple matter of trusting you, create the feeling inside you that it has not been just another day.

This gives us life…

A plant with a new enemy, with the fear that grows and grows of that which is unknown, and with the confidence that grows and grows even more, because you are with them, those who give you life… with whom you no longer count, no matter what virus, bacteria, protozoa or space worm you face, if you do it with them, with whom a simple beer becomes a vital battery charge for me, seeing them laugh, hearing their plans, wishing them each and every one of the forces they might need to face everything they want.

This gives us life…

It gives me life to have met you, it gives me life to continue to be surprised by how I continue to love each and every one of them, it gives me life to continue to marvel at being able to feel pleasure for a simple or not so simple hug, because this was given from the deepest, it gives me life to see your tears for celebrating with you, because you are not alone, because you are part and all of a corner of me, it gives me life to keep dreaming, to believe I am capable, because I know it, to keep loving, to keep being able to give, in my work, in my blank paper, in that pending beer, in that photo I still have to take of you.

This gives us life…

And when you arrive, like me, to the autumn of your life, even when, sometimes you feel like when you were in spring, you know that certain norms, ideas, what is taken for granted, is wrong, those who keep it as something inevitable are wrong, because you know that certain things are eternal, without age, without norms, without rules, because you know that the laughter with whom fill you, the hugs, the tears that are poured, all this …,

All of it, gives us life.

*** Translated with (free version) ***

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