What happened to me?

Because I feel different, as if I had been on another planet…..

And that’s how it is.

That’s what I feel.

Coming to a world, of which I did not know, of which some television programs sold me a wrong image.

They were only right in part…in the smiles of the people, in the fact that they are tremendously generous among themselves, in the fact that they welcome you as one of them, when you behave like one of them.

Walks through the jungle in search of breakfast…listening attentively, barely understanding four words, the story of that fisherman, who caught a fish so big, that when they reached the coast, they could not drag it to the sand…maybe you will be surprised when they ask you if your beard will turn red from the sun, because they are used to white skin that reddens in this heat…

I have to catch a plane that will take me to my comfort zone, with my toilet bowl and my paper…. as I have come to miss it…. with my drinking tap water, with my fridge, if not full, at least with enough food that if I don’t drink it today, I will drink it tomorrow, and no, the next day and if not…. Fuck, it has expired, we will have to throw it away…. I already tell you in advance, that here there are no refrigerators, at least very few, and that these have few hours of light, that the great or I could tell you that all the food, is collected, fished or searched, when needed, that here nothing is thrown away because it would have expired.

I tell you that nothing expires here.

I have also seen how some of their own people are cornered, because of beliefs that there, at home, would only be a reason to

be admitted to a nursing home for having Alzheimer’s…here they are crazy and contagious.
Health homes that only have the name, although they are overflowing with staff, delivered no, the following, striving to lengthen each and every one of the few medications they usually have ….
I remember when I handed them the small first aid kit I was carrying, they practically split me in half from the hugs I got from the doctor who had tried to treat me for a bite from a fucking bug.

It is impossible that I can ever feel so many things again, but I do know that coming here, in the ways, conditions and reasons that led me to make this decision… I must believe that there are things in this universe that cannot be explained.

*** Translated with (free version) ***

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