A kindred spirit

At this point … let’s say that it is rare that I get a surprise in an ordinary day to day, and as one has already established a certain autopilot regarding work, your free time, your private moments, let’s say that one has a certain routine that gives you that peace that once did not believe possible to achieve, so …

Why the hell did you show up?

And even more… tell me how is it possible that we finish our sentences at the same time, that in the occasions that we both coincide, mainly at work, only a few brief glances are enough for one of us to follow the other, without questions, without doubts? how the hell can it be that we both like the silences generated by a sunset, the taste of a cold beer, to see ourselves reflected in those vital impulses that define us and in which we see ourselves so identified, the whispered I love yous that we tell each other we have said and to whom we dedicate them, that we are both so passionate about living, in short…

Old soul… it was the first thing that came to me when I knew more about you, when I realized that inside you a thousand past lives were hidden, I, who never believed in all that, who have been the most rational man in the world, the one who did not believe in destiny, nor in the red thread or in anything else that was not simply objectifiable… I had to deny myself and rectify how wrong I was, because once I saw the adventurer, sharing with the world the glories of knowing distant lands, unknown before your arrival, a sorceress in a distant and remote past, shaman in lands that had not yet acquired their present form, priestess even to those who came to her for healing, on others I saw the warrior standing tall in front of the enemy hosts, standing tall as she smiled briefly knowing the ephemerality of the encounter that would follow and yet . …yet you were there, standing firm, smiling, and in the present I met the one who had been reincarnated after different lives, and whom I had the privilege of knowing….

And today, in my present… the nurse that you are, the one with the smiling look, with the serene and severe voice when it is time to be, the one who empathizes in a unique and privileged way for those of us who are by your side, learning every time we allow ourselves to see beyond a look that asks us to listen, who do not want to feel judged, because sometimes they are already the strictest and most severe judge, jury and executioner.

I have baptized you this way, old soul, because in more than one occasion I have seen part of your past lives, I have felt identified with some of them, I have felt… almost twinned with them, as if we both had shared some other past life, you see, the most unbeliever in the world with that, and here I am shuffling the possibility of having been with you before, either in a battle or on a journey into the unknown.

Because you have to know one thing, if at some point I have to choose with whom I want to live this vital stage of my life, in the most intense, most real, most fulfilling and more… more, believe me it would be with you, with a case of beer and a sunset that never ends…

Do you already know who you are?

The smile that shocks and tempers the mood of the crazy days…

The look that offers hope…

The healer of moments…

But just in case you still did not have it clear… the one who would search in a thousand worlds and for ten thousand lives.

*** Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) ***

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