Today touches….

Today it’s time to…I don’t know, write to you?

And it is not a small question, because it will depend on these letters that I start, if you think it is appropriate to read what I will tell you next…

Once upon a time, there was a man, a male, one of those who only think of nothing when you ask them, and always have their eyes set on the distant emptiness of the horizon, someone who always lived in fear, a huge and dreadful fear and that always ran through the depths of his being, someone who was rewarded with badges and pieces of cloth, believing that they were honoring the bravery he showed at times, when what they were doing was reminding him of all those days, those moments, the nights in which he faced all the demons, his own and even those of others, There were days when it was the darkness that gripped him under meters of earth and only a thin rope gave him the security he needed, there were even a couple of occasions, maybe there were more, he never counted them, they were fights with two or three elements at once, stormy nights falling on his way, while he dragged what was the object of his mission, days when the roaring wind brought flames that he fought swearing to all the gods to bring more, much more! He would not allow himself to fall down because of the lack of air that the fire fed him or because his limbs were numb from the cold of the water that fell on him without stopping.

There was a man who always lived in fear, and he grew even older when the greatest proof of his mortality arose, his particular kryptonite, the one who always knew how to play with the smile of a little girl, which would always be for him, even when he turned 125 years old!

There was a man, when he thought he had hidden and that nothing and no one else could find him, when he thought that everything was behind him, that they were only distant memories of another past existence, the smallest being of life emerged and upset this whole world, from one end to the other.

There was a man who, by chance, was at the moment when he had to feel fear again, for longer than he thought he was able to bear, but with the addition of the fear he felt towards those who only saw him laugh, smile without fear … when in fact, that old acquaintance attacked him with more force, with a desire for revenge even, believing that his strength, for the time elapsed, had waned.

There was a man who, when he was almost defeated, when his old enemy was gloating over his imminent victory…. I have finally won!!!, he had to believe in destiny, that destiny he always disowned and that allowed him to cross paths with the two of them, one who always had words of encouragement and reproach for his supposedly disinterested dedication and she who embraced him in a key moment of almost resignation, of imminent defeat, and without them ever believing it, not even today, they filled his spirit, the desire to continue fighting, the desire to win, to never give up any fight, of. …they never believed it, they don’t believe it, but it was because of the two of them.
Once upon a time there was a man who remembered how to fight, afraid yes, but never giving up one iota of his will, except it was not to breathe again, and take the next step, and the next, and the next, and the next, and ….

There was a man who would never give up, whether against a tiny bug invisible to the eye, or against the storm that tried to crush him with water and wind while dragging a stretcher, entering the hell of a house to break down doors and the fear of those who dwelt in it, smiling when only faces of panic could be seen, doubts for a near and uncertain future, and all this because his old friend, the one he already accepts as part of him, tells him to go ahead, that he can still play that roulette that is life, and in which many play with marked cards, but that he, by whims of what he thought he was playing, always plays with two decks, because he does not have enough with only 52 cards.

There was a man who would never give up trying, because although he has kneeled down many times and he knows that he will have many more, he always thinks that… one more, let’s go for another one!!!.

There was a man, that even with fear … I’ll be there if you need me.

*** Translated with (free version) ***

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