My puzzle…My pieces

«Now I know my pieces so well, I know where I would never put them again.»

And here it all began, a brief glance at a photo of someone special, reading this quote and…. remember how special is my own, my puzzle full of chipped pieces, tarnished, with torn edges, pieces ordered to the factory again, because they were lost in the transfers of a life lived with desire, with enthusiasm for the novelty of what was emerging, pieces that did not fit some time ago and now, in a maelstrom of feelings recovered, never completely lost, They reappear to give it a more symmetrical form, more careful, more formal perhaps, but always more alive, more heartfelt in short, pieces that are being incorporated to cover, every day and every year that I am fulfilling, new margins to add to that puzzle that I started an eternity ago, when I was aware of its existence, but in reality it has only been the evolution of time that does not forgive or wait.

You know?

Today I have decided to contemplate it from a different perspective, instead of having it only for me, I have decided to share it, I will tell you in which part of it you are, when you emerged, when I decided that you would be one of those central pieces that fit around it, and that form a drawing full of shades and colors, incredible forms that I never imagined and, believe me because I have lived it, with unique smells and flavors.

I can not forget the pieces dedicated to those moments in which only by touch, I can recognize days, afternoons and nights, many more nights, in which the fingers and the kisses that accompanied them, were the only thing that allowed me to guess the shape of those pieces, what they tasted like, and the hope that they would somehow be integrated into my board.

My puzzle is full of laughter and tears, because one with as many pieces as the one I had to assemble, has been created with them, with both, and I did not want to know the real proportion, because for every laugh I shed, there were tears that arose without knowing.

Or maybe I always knew but I hid them.

In this vital and incredible stage that I am living, in this stage in which pieces that were impossible for me to place, even to imagine, are taking their place in a progression never before dreamed of, it is my turn to look at them from further away, it is my turn to share with you to see what the puzzle of my life has become.

And yes, it is true, now I know which pieces I will never place, but I also know that there are other pieces that will always have a place in it.

And yes, you are right, one of those pieces is you.

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