Do we long for love?

Do we long for love?

Maybe everything is as easy as thinking that we cannot be alone, that as social animals that we are, we long for the recognition of our virtues and defects by someone, who in spite of all of them, still wants to be with us for a moment more.

But is that so?

At this point, which already give me a few moments lived, I have to say that I do not think so, that loneliness is not being alone, but feeling alone, without goals, without desires, without dreams, without credible or impossible goals, and that to feel so, you do not necessarily have to be alone, after all, who does not know that neighbor, partner, friend, relative, who being in company, has that look full of boredom and emptiness.

But I think I have to clarify something first, because love needs to be explained.

At 14-20 years old, it is the only thing.

Around 30-40 maybe it’s just an acceptance of reality.

From 40 onwards, not to extend too much in clichés, it’s the search, just like that.

Is that so?

Well no, love is much more, whether at one age or another, it is always the same, it is the tranquility you have to see someone who shares with you those moments of confidence about work, it is listening to criticism, which in others you would not even have in consideration, it is not giving you credit because he is next to you, it is looking sideways to see if the anger has already passed, it is the signature of an apartment with which you will share dreams, it is worrying because he can go further, it is giving him all your free time thinking that this way you will both be free, it is sharing the longing for something even if the other does not share it, but he lives it with the illusion that you give him, it is the nights listening to him breathing… ….

And so I could go on, with a thousand more moments, mine, and maybe three thousand of yours, so I think rather, that it is one of those questions that will not have an answer, after all, everyone has their own reason, personal, unique, non-transferable, wrapped in the shell of hidden desires.

We long for love…….

We long to feel part of someone.
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