Let me love you…

Siempre he escrito en castellano, pero por sugerencia de unos cuantos amigos, voy a probar en este, también, gran idioma, solo espero que me disculpen si la traducción no es la correcta.
Espero que les guste.

I have always written in Spanish, but at the suggestion of a few friends, I am going to try it in this, also, great language, I just hope you will forgive me if the translation is not correct.
I hope you like it.

Let me love you…

And so, with this phrase, in one of those conversations I have lately, with her, with the one who steals my sleep sometimes, with the one who I always want to know and tell her things, with the one who longed to know even the color of the clothes she has put on today, with that someone who makes you laugh, thinking about her, in more moments than you think possible, or rather in those you would not believe would happen, that’s how it all began.

Because it is not a frivolous question, not at least for everything that has caused me to want to say, or rather to be clear, because…there is a lot of difference in loving someone and letting them love you.

Perhaps the clearest part would be to define what it is to love, rather some purist would tell me that it is the same as to love, but I believe that it is not like that, to love is another thing, it is the longing for that person, to know about him/her, to believe that they feel the same towards us, to think that there is nothing more powerful, and that’s fine, to love and to be reciprocated is very good, but I think that it is still a somewhat selfish act, because in that feeling, you always need the complicity of another person, or maybe more than one, because who am I to question the tastes of people?

But then there’s the want, some kind of need to dump on someone all that roller coaster of feelings that we have accumulated, because there are people like that, people who do not question the reason for their feelings, but just enjoy that delivery that does them so much good.

They call them fools, to say a soft name, because we are taught that it is unreasonable to give something for free, that everything has to have a price, a cost, when in reality, for some, the simple fact of giving, of telling a joke, of listening very seriously to a problem to which you do not know the solution, and maybe they don’t even ask for it, they just want you to listen to them, the simple fact of shaking their hand, touching their shoulder, and even smiling because you feel lucky to be with them, when all that and more, some give it without any other pretension, they call them fools.

And call me a fool for believing in those people, because I see and notice even more, the atmosphere that is created around them, and unfortunately, those people are rare, people who for one reason or another, for a thousand and one victories and defeats at the same time, because they never gave up, because they never cared how many times they fell but the times they still had the strength to get up, you notice that subtle change in the air when you think you have someone like that by your side.

Let me love you…

I don’t know how to love any other way.

Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

2 comentarios en “Let me love you…

  1. Tienes razón, hay personas así, contar con ellas es tan maravilloso, pero son personas especiales y raras, que hacen brillar desde adentro esa lucesita que tenemos todos, amar a alguien y demostrarlo no es deshonroso, siempre lo e dicho, por el contrario, amar debería ser siempre un sentimiento de libertad, cuando amamos de verdad damos alas, no las cortamos

    Le gusta a 1 persona

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